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Monitor Your Mentions

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Have you ever done  a Google search on your own name? Come on, you know that you have. It’s a legit way of monitoring how your persona is being portrayed online.  Even if you have not Googled yourself, you can be sure that potential employers, friends and maybe even the occasional foe have already checked out your online ‘deets.’ I was privy to a situation once where a job candidate was not given an interview based on the way that they presented themselves in their Facebook profile picture.  Sort of discriminating? Yes, definitely. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening to you? Maybe.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter settings are set on the correct restrictive levels. Be confident that you are not parading your pics and info from last weekend’s Las Vegas trip to viewers who are not actually ‘friends.’ Back in winter of 2009, Facebook specifically altered their security settings so that unless you updated your own personal settings, any Joe Schmoe with an account was able to view all of your info, pics and the sacred writings upon your personal Wall.  If you still have not checked out your security settings you might want to do so.

Doing a Google search on your own name is a reasonable way to monitor your own ‘personal brand’ but what are a couple of basic, cost effective ways to monitor the online conversation about your corporate brand?

1. Google News Alerts. This is the most basic and time tested way to monitor your brand- like a Google search on steroids. Simply go to and sign up for email alerts to be sent to you. Whenever the key words that you enter in as your ’search terms’ show up on the world’s largest search engine you will be notified in your inbox. You can also use this tactic to monitor what is going on with your competition.

2. Social Mention does the exact same thing as Google Alerts but specifically monitors social media chatter. You enter your search terms and simply click on which media sources you want to watch. Once again, this is all done from the ease of receiving email notifications.

3. is another way to monitor what is being said about your brand in a variety of different places online. Boardreader is especially helpful if you are trying to track online banter on message boards

Many PR agencies employ media monitoring systems that cost thousands of dollars every year for similar results.  In certain circumstances (if you are a mega-corporate entity) it is worth the cost to monitor what is being said outside of the web in more traditional media outlets (TV, Radio, obscure print not online) but for most mid to small-size brands free online monitoring will do the trick. So now that you are equipped with a couple free tricks of the trade jump on the band wagon and start tracking!