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The Day Has Arrived

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I am pleased to announce the launch of Twist Communications Consulting!

Let me introduce myself… My name is Sarah Gulbrandsen and I am a Communications Specialist. In school I was that kid in the corner whose voice seemed to carry just a pitch above everyone else’s. My report card always read  ‘Sarah is a delight but needs to work on the talking.’ As I matured became older , I figured out that I could use my gift of gab for the good of others and hence a career in communications was born! When I love something I want to talk (or write) about it and spread the word . Since I believe in my clients and their products it becomes my mission to tell their story.

‘What’s with the name?’ you may be asking yourself.  First of all it came to me in a dream (no, honest it really did!). Then I began to mull it over and realized that effective communications is all about making subtle yet effective tweaks (or twists) to a message, medium, brand, ect. to make it original and exciting. Hence then name Twist Communications Consulting.

Not sure if you have noticed, but the down-trodden economy has been a bit of a hot topic in recent months. Some people might find my timing to launch a business puzzling, but I feel that in light of recent economic conditions my services are needed now more than ever. Why pay a full-time  staffer or even an entire department when you can save on cost and hire a consultant who has years of specialized experience?

In a nutshell here are a few of the ways that Twist collaborates with clients:

Media Relations, Media Training and Tracking- Twist will create your story for the press, distribute it, teach you how to talk about it and then track the results.

Branding/Marketing- Even if you have a great story sometimes you need to work on your look and identity. Twist will equip you with the ways to create and market your own brand.

Events- Once you have your story and your brand you may want to use trade shows/corporate events as a way to further your reach. Twist takes care of all of the niggly details from inception to completion.

Check out Twist’s site at for more info. You can also check back here often to check out Twist’s latest projects and Tips/Tricks of the Trade.